Installing a Micro SD Card on a Garmin Zumo GPS

Most Garmin Zumo GPS devices allow expansion of memory by installing a micro SD card.  That’s different from most automotive GPS devices that do not have this capability.  We’re going to look at how to install a micro SD card and talk about the different types of cards available.   You can use these cards to hold additional maps or simply expand the storage for other purposes. All Garmin Zumo units require a micro SD card to be at least 4 GB in size.  However the maximum varies by unit.  Specifically, the Garmin Zumo 595LM and 395LM top out at 64 GB. … Read more

How to Protect an Empty Motorcycle GPS Cradle

After coming in from a ride, everyone is faced with the question of what should they leave attached to the bike.  I suppose if the motorcycle is stored in a locked garage, the answer to that question is probably to leave everything as is.  However, if your motorcycle is stored outdoors, the answer might not be that simple.  This article is for those that bring their device indoors but leave the motorcycle GPS cradle on the bike. If you’re thinking about leaving the GPS attached outdoors, think again.  These are expensive devices and easy to steal.  Don’t leave it to … Read more

When to Replace an Old GPS

A GPS, especially ones made for motorcycle use represent a significant investment.  You want it to last as long as possible but nothing lasts forever.  When is it time to replace an old GPS? We’re going to discuss how to potentially increase the useful life as well as when to replace an old GPS.  Don’t run out to buy a brand new motorcycle or car GPS before reading this through because there might be an easy fix. Software can be upgraded, maps can be refreshed, and sometimes hardware can even be fixed.  We’ll show you how that’s done. How to … Read more

How to Keep a Motorcycle GPS Dry

Clouds on the horizon.  Generally speaking, electronics and water don’t play well together.  Usually.  We’re going to look at ways to keep a motorcycle GPS dry.  We will also discuss if it’s even necessary. There are many different GPS models.  Some are made for motorcycle use, others are made for use in a car.  We discuss using a car GPS on a motorcycle in a previous article.  Each type of GPS has different water resistant properties. Ingress Protection Ratings Weatherproof ratings are expressed in terms of IP rating.  IP means Ingress Protection.  You will see terms such as IP68 used. … Read more

Bluetooth Headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 GPS

Like any good motorcycle GPS, the TomTom Rider 400 supports integration of a Bluetooth headset.  That’s a mighty important feature.  If a motorcycle rider has any hope of hearing GPS directions, a Bluetooth headset or enabled helmet is necessary.  Good Bluetooth headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 makes using your GPS safer and more enjoyable. Bluetooth support is a funny thing.  Not all headset work with a given brand of GPS.  Interestingly, the supported list of manufacturers that have been tested to work with a TomTom Rider is very similar to those that work on it’s main competitor, namely the … Read more

Garmin GPS Map Types Explained

GPS devices are used for a variety of purposes.  A typical map of roads will prove to be less than helpful if off-road or hiking.  Understanding the type of map that is required will help to ensure you have the right GPS and the proper set of maps. We’ll explain the map types that are available from Garmin and provide some guidance on which GPS might be right for your situation. Street Maps The Garmin Zumo comes with pre-loaded Garmin street maps.  This is the same type of map display seen on a Garmin vehicular GPS such as a Garmin … Read more