How to Deter Theft of a Motorcycle Helmet

theft of motorcycle helmetWe have written a few articles on deterring theft of a motorcycle GPS and safeguarding of the accessories.  These articles turned out to be fairly popular so today we’re going to talk about how to deter theft of a motorcycle helmet.

We use the word theft and prevent because if a thief really wants your stuff, they will get it.  They don’t care about breaking whatever is holding the object in place.  They will happily break the lock or bar to get to your GPS, accessories or helmet.  What you can do is make it harder for them to get it.  At least harder than the other motorcycles in the parking lot.  Make it so the prospective thief keeps walking versus spending time at your motorcycle figuring out if he wants to take the time to steal your belongings.

Should you worry about theft of your motorcycle helmet?  Depends where you are.  If it’s your place of work and there’s security surveillance cameras, then you might be fine.  Out in public, it depends where you are.  In some areas of the world, you can leave a wallet out in the open and not have to worry.  Other places, you have to worry about someone stealing your wallet out of your pocket.  Your mileage may vary depending upon the location.

So how do you prevent theft of a motorcycle helmet?  The easiest way is to take it with you.  However that’s not always convenient.  For example, carrying your helmet through the mall gets fairly tiring after the first ten minutes or so.  However, leaving it on your motorcycle seat, especially here in Northern New Jersey, is a sure way to come back to a missing motorcycle helmet.  Then to top things off, you will get a ticket riding your motorcycle home without a helmet as New Jersey is a mandatory helmet state.

Fortunately, there are a few accessories to safeguard your motorcycle helmet.  Keep in mind, it’s difficult to stop a very determined thief with enough time on their hands.  All of these accessories are meant to dissuade or slow down a thief.  Make it difficult so he moves on.  A determined thief with some bolt cutters can get through anything including these motorcycle helmet locking accessories.

The Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet Lock is made by a well established lock company and marketed specifically for a motorcycle helmet.  A 14″ (35 cm) long vinyl covered cable prevents scratching of your motorcycle or helmet.  The lock is a 4-tumbler keyed dead locking mechanism.  Feed the cable through an opening on the helmet and then around some part of the motorcycle.  Ensure the motorcycle helmet cannot be lodged loose from where you have it attached.

The HelmetLok II Lock is another example of a lock made specifically for a motorcycle helmet.  Use this small lock to  attach your motorcycle helmet to the handlebar or the rear seat handle.  The lock features a four-digit programmable combination mechanism.  The HelmetLok II is coated to prevent marring of your chrome or motorcycle helmet.  Because it’s small, you can easily store this practically anywhere when not in use.

The last way to deter theft of a motorcycle helmet is using a cable lock and strapping it onto your motorcycle frame.  There are a lot of cable locks out there.  We suggest finding one made of rubber or vinyl coated braided steel.  You need to have some serious cable cutters to get through that.

Again, remember these will deter a thief.  Any determined thief will get through these locks with the proper set of tools.  You’re betting he figures it’s not worth the effort and that the thief isn’t walking around the parking lot with a large pair of bolt cutters.