How About a Carry Case for Your Motorcycle GPS?

So you have this expensive motorcycle GPS.  Do you need a carry case for it?  Maybe.  Let’s discuss the subject and then recommend a few in case you decide a carry case for your motorcycle GPS is needed. Is a Motorcycle GPS Carry Case Necessary? It all depends upon the frequency of removal.  We see some motorcycle GPS owners keep their device on the mount all the time.  Never remove it from the bike.  In that example, a carry case is unnecessary.  We wrote an article on how to deter theft of a motorcycle GPS and pointed to the number one way … Read more

How to Deter Theft of a Motorcycle Helmet

We have written a few articles on deterring theft of a motorcycle GPS and safeguarding of the accessories.  These articles turned out to be fairly popular so today we’re going to talk about how to deter theft of a motorcycle helmet. We use the word theft and prevent because if a thief really wants your stuff, they will get it.  They don’t care about breaking whatever is holding the object in place.  They will happily break the lock or bar to get to your GPS, accessories or helmet.  What you can do is make it harder for them to get … Read more

Chrome Accessories for a Motorcycle GPS

Every motorcycle GPS we are familiar with comes with black accessories.  The mount used to hold the GPS is black.  The cradle the GPS sits within is black.  Is your motorcycle black?  Probably not.  We look at some chrome accessories for your motorcycle GPS. Realistically speaking, there’s not a lot that can be done with the cable.  It’s a rubber coated cable and likely won’t be seen if tucked away. Perhaps you can spray the cradle with some chrome spray paint however many of these cradles are powered.  Mistakenly spraying the contacts with paint will render the cradle worthless and … Read more

Installing a Micro SD Card on a Garmin Zumo GPS

Most Garmin Zumo GPS devices allow expansion of memory by installing a micro SD card.  That’s different from most automotive GPS devices that do not have this capability.  We’re going to look at how to install a micro SD card and talk about the different types of cards available.   You can use these cards to hold additional maps or simply expand the storage for other purposes. All Garmin Zumo units require a micro SD card to be at least 4 GB in size.  However the maximum varies by unit.  Specifically, the Garmin Zumo 595LM and 395LM top out at 64 GB. … Read more

Garmin GPS Map Types Explained

GPS devices are used for a variety of purposes.  A typical map of roads will prove to be less than helpful if off-road or hiking.  Understanding the type of map that is required will help to ensure you have the right GPS and the proper set of maps. We’ll explain the map types that are available from Garmin and provide some guidance on which GPS might be right for your situation. Street Maps The Garmin Zumo comes with pre-loaded Garmin street maps.  This is the same type of map display seen on a Garmin vehicular GPS such as a Garmin … Read more

Garmin Smartphone Link Overview

Garmin Smartphone Link is an app available for iOS and Android phones.  This app enables integration beyond the basic Bluetooth connectivity for voice calls.  This app is available for us on many of Garmin’s GPS models from the past several years.  These models include the higher end Garmin Zumo 590LM and Garmin Zumo 595LM.  Smartlink also integrates the Garmin DriveSmart, DriveAssist, DriveLuxe and many of the Nuvi models introduced over the last several years. Garmin Live Services This service provides real time traffic, weather and live services to your GPS.  Garmin Smartphone Link retrieves this information using your smartphone and … Read more