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About the Author:  I’m Mike, the author of all of the articles on MotorcycleGPSHub.

MotorcycleGPSHub is written from many years of experience outfitting motorcycles with GPS devices and mounting configurations.  It was a natural extension of of my passion for mounting devices on (or within) homes, offices and vehicles.

The whole motorcycle GPS picture has changed rather dramatically since the first Garmin Zumo was introduced in 2006.  That was the Garmin Zumo 500.  It was a bulky device but held up well to the elements and was securely anchored onto a motorcycle with a sturdy mount.  Over the years, Garmin made the Zumo smaller and lighter and loaded up on features that connected the GPS beyond the satellites that told you where you were.

During that time, companies such as TomTom discovered there was a good market for motorcycle GPS devices and introduced their Rider series.

And now, a lot has moved to the smartphone.  Apps such as Google Maps and Waze provide excellent basic GPS functionality and there are even specialty apps for motorcycle GPS users.

Fortunately, I’ve had a chance to use not just the old school Garmin Zumo, but more contemporary GPS apps like Waze and Google Maps.  To each their own.  There’s a good market for a traditional motorcycle GPS as well as those that want to keep it basic with a smartphone app.

I write articles as new stuff comes out that’s of interest.  You can always reach me using the email link below.

Use the search function on the site for specific topics.  You can also refer to our Motorcycle GPS Reviews if looking for a new GPS.

Enjoy the site.

About the Site:  MotorcycleGPSHub.com is owned by MFX2, LLC located in New Jersey, USA.

The purpose of MotorcycleGPSHub is to review, recommend and discuss motorcycle GPS devices and accessories.  It’s not the largest site on the internet but is one of the most informative on the subject of motorcycle GPS devices.

Information about motorcycle GPS devices is hard to come by so hopefully this site serves as your go-to source for these types of articles.

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