How About a Carry Case for Your Motorcycle GPS?

Carry Case with Garmin GPSSo you have this expensive motorcycle GPS.  Do you need a carry case for it?  Maybe.  Let’s discuss the subject and then recommend a few in case you decide a carry case for your motorcycle GPS is needed.

Is a Motorcycle GPS Carry Case Necessary?

It all depends upon the frequency of removal.  We see some motorcycle GPS owners keep their device on the mount all the time.  Never remove it from the bike.  In that example, a carry case is unnecessary.  We wrote an article on how to deter theft of a motorcycle GPS and pointed to the number one way to keep your GPS safe is it take it with you when not in use.  So if you do that, get a carry case.

The primary reason for a carry case is to keep it safe.  A good padded carry case will hopefully protect your expensive motorcycle GPS in case of an accidental drop.  It’s also very handy for keeping all of your motorcycle GPS accessories together in one place.  Of course, you can place it all in your saddle bag, but that carries similar risk to keeping it on your mount.

Types of Carry Cases

There are different types of carry cases.  Some are made by the GPS manufacturer and provide a nice custom fit for your GPS.  These case are often molded towards the shape of the GPS.  Garmin has them for the Zumo.  TomTom makes these for the Rider.

The Garmin Zumo Carry Case fits the Zumo 595LM and 590LM (they also list it as fitting the 395LM but it might not fit as well as the other two in our opinion). This case is specifically designed for the 5″ Zumo 595LM and 590LM.   The case features a durable thermo-molded exterior with zipper enclosure.  A padded interior helps protect your GPS.

The TomTom 9UUA.001.60 Rider 400 Protective Carry Case is made by TomTom and marketed specifically for the Rider 400.  A hard front cover helps protects the GPS. The interior is padded to help protect your TomTom Rider 400.

Others are made by non manufacturers, often for other purposes such as a camera.  We have found that certain camera carry cases make good motorcycle GPS candidates.  They are often padded and have compartments for carrying accessories.

A good DSLR camera can be as expensive as a motorcycle GPS so there is some incentive to keep it safe, and maintain a common repository for the accessories.  Definitely check it out if you have the need to carry other accessories in addition to your motorcycle GPS.

Consider the Canon 9320A023 100ES Shoulder Bag.  This carry case is larger than the two made by the GPS companies.  It measures 10 x 7 x 4 1/2 inches. This carry case features a non-slip adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle. The case also has padded dividers. This case is perfect for carrying a motorcycle GPS along with associated accessories like the mount or a power cable. Thinking it all out, this might be your best option for a carry case as you will often need to carry more than just the motorcycle GPS.