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Read our motorcycle GPS reviews and product spotlights.  We look at navigators from Garmin, TomTom, Magellan and others.

All about the Garmin Motorcycle Tire Pressure Moniitor Sysem


We look at the accessories the manufacturers don't include with the GPS including stuff you may not knew existed.

Waze on a Smartphone works well on a motorcycle

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Perfect for those that hate manuals and for activities the manufacturers forgot to include in the manual.

Installation Basics for a Motorcycle GPS

So today we’re going to cover installation basics for a motorcycle GPS.  This is a good article worth reading before and just after purchasing a motorcycle GPS.  It’s going to be a lot easier to know where you’re going to put it, how you’re going to put it there, and…

How About a Carry Case for Your Motorcycle GPS?

So you have this expensive motorcycle GPS.  Do you need a carry case for it?  Maybe.  Let’s discuss the subject and then recommend a few in case you decide a carry case for your motorcycle GPS is needed. Is a Motorcycle GPS Carry Case Necessary? It all depends upon the…

How to Deter Theft of a Motorcycle Helmet

We have written a few articles on deterring theft of a motorcycle GPS and safeguarding of the accessories.  These articles turned out to be fairly popular so today we’re going to talk about how to deter theft of a motorcycle helmet. We use the word theft and prevent because if…

Chrome Accessories for a Motorcycle GPS

Every motorcycle GPS we are familiar with comes with black accessories.  The mount used to hold the GPS is black.  The cradle the GPS sits within is black.  Is your motorcycle black?  Probably not.  We look at some chrome accessories for your motorcycle GPS. Realistically speaking, there’s not a lot…

Using GPX Files with a Garmin Zumo

GPX, also known as a GPS Exchange Format File contains waypoints, tracks and routes that can be used on many GPS models.  It’s a nice concept in that it’s intended to share mapping information between applications and devices. The GPX format was originally released in 2002 and is a standard…

Navigon Cruiser Motorcycle GPS App for your Phone

Navigon was a company that made some innovative GPS devices.  Their GPS units were sold worldwide until Garmin purchased the company in 2011.  Their products stopped being offered in the United States shortly after the purchase.  Garmin has released their first motorcycle GPS app with the Navigon Cruiser.  So after a…