Can I Use a Handheld GPS on a Motorcycle?

Handheld GPS devices pack a lot of useful features in a small footprint.  These GPS devices are typically used outside a moving vehicle.  Very popular with hikers, geocachers and hunters, you don’t normally see a handheld GPS used on a motorcycle or in a car.  The question that we will try to answer:  Can I use a handheld GPS on a motorcycle? Not an easy decision.  It all depends upon your requirements, budget and available space for mounting the device.  Quality handheld GPS devices used to be available from a variety of companies.  Lately though, Garmin is the only game … Read more

The Benefits of Motorcycle GPS Trackers

A good way to keep an eye on your motorcycle is to have technology do it for you.  That’s where GPS trackers come in. I first became familiar with GPS trackers many years ago with the introduction of a LoJack GPS System.  You might remember those.  Hide a box somewhere in your car and once activated, the police could find a stolen car.  Over the years LoJack had some competition from other companies.  These GPS trackers got more sophisticated and before long were installed within the ignition system so that the ignition could be killed remotely along with a vehicle location. Much … Read more

The TomTom Rider 400 Motorcycle GPS

When it comes to a motorcycle GPS there are two major players and TomTom is one of them.  The TomTom Rider 400 is their most recent update to their successful Rider lineup.  While TomTom might be a bigger name in Europe than the United States, they have sold GPS devices in the US for over a decade.  Typically lower priced than a Garmin with features that are on par with the latest from their main competitor. So let’s take a look at the TomTom Rider 400. Hardware The TomTom Rider 400 has a 4.3 inch screen with 480 x 272 resolution. … Read more

How to Select the Best Motorcycle GPS

Not all motorcycle GPS devices are the same.  In fact, not all GPS devices are made for use on a motorcycle.  We look at the most important features to help you decide which is the best motorcycle GPS for you. There are a lot of different features on a GPS.  Some are absolutely required while others are unneeded and simply add to the price unnecessarily.  You would be surprised, at times, how little you get for an additional $400.  Having a list of the important features to you can result a fairly significant cost savings and better ownership experience. So let’s … Read more

Garmin Zumo 395LM Motorcycle GPS Review

The Garmin Zumo 395LM is the successor to the Garmin Zumo 390LM.  The hardware is basically the same although Garmin claims a longer battery life of up to 7 hours.  The real difference is the software.  The Garmin Zumo 395LM was introduced for the 2016 model year along with it’s larger cousin, the Garmin Zumo 595LM. Hardware The Garmin Zumo 395LM has a 4.3 inch screen.  While I think this size screen becomes somewhat of a limitation especially for use with gloves, it can be seen clearly on your handlebar.  Like most motorcycle GPS units, the Garmin Zumo 395LM is weatherproof. … Read more

Garmin Zumo 595LM Motorcycle GPS Review

The Garmin Zumo 595LM is the successor to the already popular Garmin Zumo 590LM.  It might look the same from the outside, but the software within the GPS is an improvement as Garmin steps up their smartphone integration game. Hardware It’s a 5.0″ display which is the minimum size needed to effectively interact with these GPS devices using gloves.  The Garmin Zumo 595LM is weatherproof.  Rated to IPX7 which means it withstands incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.  Good for light to moderate rain. The Garmin Zumo 595LM has a glove sensitive display which means … Read more