Bluetooth Headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 GPS

Bluetooth Headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 GPSLike any good motorcycle GPS, the TomTom Rider 400 supports integration of a Bluetooth headset.  That’s a mighty important feature.  If a motorcycle rider has any hope of hearing GPS directions, a Bluetooth headset or enabled helmet is necessary.  Good Bluetooth headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 makes using your GPS safer and more enjoyable.

Bluetooth support is a funny thing.  Not all headset work with a given brand of GPS.  Interestingly, the supported list of manufacturers that have been tested to work with a TomTom Rider is very similar to those that work on it’s main competitor, namely the Garmin Zumo series.

Ideally, good Bluetooth headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 will have some important features.  A seamless continuous connection is one of them.  You want a headset that doesn’t need to be continuously re-connected every time the TomTom Rider 400 is powered off.  There are some lesser known brands that for whatever reason need to be re-connected.  That’s painful so try to stick with mainstream brands (we have recommended Sena for several years).

As already mentioned, sticking with mainstream motorcycle Bluetooth manufacturers helps to ensure no problems.  Sena and Interphone support the TomTom Rider 400 seamlessly.  Cardo is another good manufacturer but a few of their models are known to require re-connection every time the TomTom Rider 400 is powered off.

Bluetooth headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 are connected from the Bluetooth Connection menu on the GPS.  Select Headset, then select Search for Headset and follow the instructions to establish the connection.  Integration includes the ability to make and receive phone calls and hear directions.  Additional Bluetooth features that have nothing to do with the headset include file sharing and TomTom Services which provides traffic and other information by integrating with your smartphone.

We already mentioned several Bluetooth headset manufacturers that make good headsets but can recommend two specific models that have been tested to work with the TomTom Rider 400.

The Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom is an example of one that works with almost any GPS.  It’s been tested by TomTom to work well on the Rider 400 GPS.  This Bluetooth headset offers up to 12 hours of talk time and 10 days of stand-by on a single charge.  That’s going to last an entire day without a problem.  The Sena SMH10-10 has a clamp included that will fit onto most helmets.  If the helmet is not standard, Sena makes different attachments that can be purchased.  This Sena Bluetooth headset can optionally be purchased as a dual configuration so that you can stay in communication with a passenger.

A step up is the Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System.  Compared to the SMH10 series, this adds eight-way intercom with a longer reach.  The 20S also adds a remote control and a static microphone.   The Sena 20S runs Bluetooth 4.1 versus 3.0.  Bluetooth 4.1 uses the a protocol that can be used with many non-Sena Bluetooth headsets on the market.

Sena specializes in motorcycle Bluetooth communication and is a well established manufacturer.

These are two examples of tested Bluetooth headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 GPS.  There are several others that are documented to work on the Headset Compatibility Page for TomTom Rider 400.  GPS manufacturers aren’t terribly complete in terms of testing every single brand of headset, after all they’re in the business of selling GPS devices.  Just because your favorite brand did not make the list doesn’t necessarily mean it will not work.