Navigon Cruiser Motorcycle GPS App for your Phone

Navigon was a company that made some innovative GPS devices.  Their GPS units were sold worldwide until Garmin purchased the company in 2011.  Their products stopped being offered in the United States shortly after the purchase.  Garmin has released their first motorcycle GPS app with the Navigon Cruiser.  So after a lengthy absence in the United States, Navigon is back.  It looks like this came out of Navigon in Germany as some of the documentation is still in German.  Makes sense since Navigon’s offices are still located in Germany. The design of Navigon Cruiser seems to be open to user influence as … Read more

Garmin Zumo Versus Waze on a Motorcycle

When it comes to navigation apps, Waze reigns as the best available.  Waze was purchased by Google a few years ago and has developed into what’s likely the most widely used navigation app available.  I personally use it a lot in a car but what about a motorcycle?  Is a standalone GPS better?  Let’s compare a Garmin Zumo versus Waze on a smartphone. If you aren’t familiar with Waze, a screenshot accompanies this article.  Waze is a smartphone app available free of charge.  It’s not a typical GPS app.  Real time traffic flows and user generated alerts are embedded in … Read more

How to Use a SmartPhone as a Motorcycle GPS

This article is a little different from others which appear on our site.  We typically concentrate on traditional motorcycle GPS devices like a Garmin Zumo or TomTom Rider.  Today, we’re concentrating on how to use a smartphone as a motorcycle GPS.  We’re talking about larger phones like an Apple iPhone 6s Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7.  Given the larger screens of these phones and some terrific GPS apps, these can make very capable navigation devices. There are a few things to think about when considering this move.  Let’s take a look at what’s important when deciding to use a smartphone … Read more