How to Control a Garmin Virb with a Zumo

How to Control a Garmin Virb with a ZumoThe Garmin VIRB line of action cameras was introduced a few years ago.  Made sense.  GoPro was making a lot of money selling action cameras.  Garmin had less revenue coming in from automotive navigational devices.  Why not try to leverage the Garmin name with a growing segment like action cameras.   Integrate the Garmin VIRB with a Zumo to provide features that can’t be had with other action cameras.  Makes sense.

The Garmin VIRB line of action cameras is fairly rugged and many can be used on a motorcycle.  The Garmin VIRB Elite is a good start.  It’s a 1080p action camera with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and up to 3 hours record time at 1080p.  Add in a GPS, barometer, altimeter and Wi-Fi.  Now add into that the ability to integrate a Garmin VIRB with a Zumo and you really have something that is unique.

How to Connect a Garmin VIRB to a Zumo

Connecting a Garmin VIRB with a Zumo is fairly simple.  Here is how you do it.

Get into the Garmin VIRB setup menu and turn on remote.  Now get into the app menu of the Garmin Zumo and select remote.  The Zumo will search for a Garmin VIRB and should pair with it.  If only the Bluetooth in my car was this easy!

How to Control a Garmin VIRB from a Zumo

Once you have paired the Garmin VIRB with a Zumo, you can control the recording action from the GPS.  You can now start recording directly from the Zumo.  After pressing the button on the display to start recording, the Garmin VIRB will begin to flash.  That means it’s recording.  When it’s time to stop recording, get back into the Zumo app, choose VIRB Remote and press stop recording.

You can also take a snapshot from the Garmin VIRB using the Zumo to control it.  Next to the start/stop recording button is another that says Snapshot.  Press it once to take a still photo and record that to the VIRB.

If you would care to connect a second Garmin VIRB to the same Zumo, turn the VIRB off and go through the process for the second VIRB.

Why Control a Garmin VIRB from a Zumo?

The zbility to control a Garmin VIRB from a Zumo means less complexity.  A Garmin VIRB can be mounted in numerous locations.  One of those potential locations is on the side or back of a motorcycle.  It’s easier to control the VIRB from a centrally mounted Garmin Zumo.

You can do all this from several models of Garmin Zumo including the Garmin Zumo 595LM and Garmin Zumo 590LM.  Once the VIRB is actively recording, jump back to the navigation screen and start navigating.  The availability of maps is not effected by the Garmin VIRB actively recording.

As stated before, this integration is unique to the Garmin VIRB  and Zumo line.  No way to integrate a GoPro with a Zumo yet.

The setup and control of a Garmin VIRB with a Zumo is a nice feature.  However, we recommend doing all of this from a stopped position and not while you are riding.  It’s important that you stay safe at all times.