How to Eliminate Glare from a Motorcycle GPS

GlareStomper 322 Glare ShieldA common issue when using a motorcycle GPS is sun glare.  The issue is most noticeable when the sun is behind your back.  A motorcycle GPS gets hard to see.

Fortunately there are solutions called glare shields or sun visors.  This problem has been around for as long as people have been putting a GPS on their motorcycle.  Let’s take a look at how to eliminate glare from a motorcycle GPS.

A GPS glare shield or sun visor attaches to the GPS and provides a shade over the top.  That small “roof” will shield the sun from the display and allow the rider to see the device better.

There are two types of GPS glare shields.  The first type clips onto the back of the GPS.  Some have a clipboard type of attachment and clamps over the top of the device.  Others simply slip over the top.  I’m not a fan of using these on a motorcycle.  They slip off too easily.  These are fine if using a GPS in the car.  Not so much for use on a motorcycle.  It’s too easy for the wind or motorcycle vibrations to send it into the air.  Avoid these types of GPS glare shields on a motorcycle.

The second type of glare shield uses hook and loop fasteners.  That’s what is pictured along with this article.  This product is called the GlareStomper GPS Sun Shield Glare Screen.  This is the type that I recommend for motorcycle use.

The GlareStomper has two parts.  There is a thin hook and loop adhesive strip (some refer to it as Velcro, but I’m not sure if that’s who makes it).  This part attaches to the top of the GPS.  It’s adhesive so it will stay attached to your motorcycle GPS.  The second part is the actual sun visor.  It has a think hook and loop strip where it will attach to the strip that’s already adhered to your GPS.  You can cut it to accommodate buttons and ports as needed.

The GlareStomper is made of a soft material and can fold up when not in use.  You can also fold it while attached to the GPS so it can protect the display when not in use.

I like the GlareStomper line for a few reasons.  The installation is solid and I haven’t known it to come off on a motorcycle ride.  The installation is somewhat temporary so if you would prefer to remove the GlareStomper, it’s a matter of simply pulling it off since it’s held to the GPS using the hook and loop strip.  Unlike other glare shields, the GlareStomper extends more and does a better job blocking out the sun.

The other advantage to using the soft fabric GlareStomper is that you can also use a custom mount.  The GlareStomper can be attached to a custom cradle, for example a RAM Mount holder.  In some cases, the custom cradle can fit over the glare shield.  It depends upon the device and holder.

There are a few different sizes to consider.  Most will use the GlareStomper 320 as it will fit displays ranging from 4.3 to 5 inches and that’s the current range of displays of motorcycle GPS devices.  That’s the one in the photo that accompanies this article.  These come in larger and smaller sizes too.  I have seen the largest size GlareStomper used for devices as large as marine Fishfinders.

So if sun glare is a problem when riding, check out a GPS glare shield.  That should eliminate the problem.