How to Keep a Motorcycle GPS Dry

Clouds on the horizon.  Generally speaking, electronics and water don’t play well together.  Usually.  We’re going to look at ways to keep a motorcycle GPS dry.  We will also discuss if it’s even necessary. There are many different GPS models.  Some are made for motorcycle use, others are made for use in a car.  We discuss using a car GPS on a motorcycle in a previous article.  Each type of GPS has different water resistant properties. Ingress Protection Ratings Weatherproof ratings are expressed in terms of IP rating.  IP means Ingress Protection.  You will see terms such as IP68 used. … Read more

Bluetooth Headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 GPS

Like any good motorcycle GPS, the TomTom Rider 400 supports integration of a Bluetooth headset.  That’s a mighty important feature.  If a motorcycle rider has any hope of hearing GPS directions, a Bluetooth headset or enabled helmet is necessary.  Good Bluetooth headsets for a TomTom Rider 400 makes using your GPS safer and more enjoyable. Bluetooth support is a funny thing.  Not all headset work with a given brand of GPS.  Interestingly, the supported list of manufacturers that have been tested to work with a TomTom Rider is very similar to those that work on it’s main competitor, namely the … Read more

Garmin GPS Map Types Explained

GPS devices are used for a variety of purposes.  A typical map of roads will prove to be less than helpful if off-road or hiking.  Understanding the type of map that is required will help to ensure you have the right GPS and the proper set of maps. We’ll explain the map types that are available from Garmin and provide some guidance on which GPS might be right for your situation. Street Maps The Garmin Zumo comes with pre-loaded Garmin street maps.  This is the same type of map display seen on a Garmin vehicular GPS such as a Garmin … Read more

Garmin Smartphone Link Overview

Garmin Smartphone Link is an app available for iOS and Android phones.  This app enables integration beyond the basic Bluetooth connectivity for voice calls.  This app is available for us on many of Garmin’s GPS models from the past several years.  These models include the higher end Garmin Zumo 590LM and Garmin Zumo 595LM.  Smartlink also integrates the Garmin DriveSmart, DriveAssist, DriveLuxe and many of the Nuvi models introduced over the last several years. Garmin Live Services This service provides real time traffic, weather and live services to your GPS.  Garmin Smartphone Link retrieves this information using your smartphone and … Read more

Garmin Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) Overview

TPMS is an acronym for the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor from Garmin.  This is a nice feature offered by Garmin as an optional accessory to many of the latest Zumo motorcycle GPS models.  We’re going to discuss what it does and how it integrates into a Garmin Zumo motorcycle GPS. How TPMS Works The Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor is a smart valve cap.  There are integrated sensors and a battery.  The sensors not only check the tire pressure but even detects motion.  The motion sensor helps to preserve battery life.  When you turn off your Garmin Zumo, the TPMS enters … Read more

Can I Use a Handheld GPS on a Motorcycle?

Handheld GPS devices pack a lot of useful features in a small footprint.  These GPS devices are typically used outside a moving vehicle.  Very popular with hikers, geocachers and hunters, you don’t normally see a handheld GPS used on a motorcycle or in a car.  The question that we will try to answer:  Can I use a handheld GPS on a motorcycle? Not an easy decision.  It all depends upon your requirements, budget and available space for mounting the device.  Quality handheld GPS devices used to be available from a variety of companies.  Lately though, Garmin is the only game … Read more